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What Folks Are Saying About Us

"Dr. Mark has been a part of our family for the past 6+ years. My son and I share our lives with him on a weekly basis.  Upon leaving Dr. Mark's I always feel a little extra bounce in my step, not just because of the adjustment he has done but because of the time he takes to show a personal interest in our lives." - Mary Z.

"You're the best.  Thanks for being here." - Lisa L.

"I've been seeing chiropractors for over forty years but you are the first to honestly explain what it's really all about.  And you make it affordable!  I thank you." - Chuck F.

"This is just an amazing place." - Donald J. and Family

"Our whole family enjoys the experience of coming to Dr. Mark.  It's amazing how simple and pleasant it is to improve the quality of life for ourselves and our children.  Dr. Mark so obviously cares for each one of us." - TJ & Elizabeth V.

"Through your chiropractic, you've helped our family to change our lives. Thank you." - Janice K. and Family

"My children and I look forward to our weekly visits with Dr. Mark. We always leave feeling energized and strong, and feel like we’ve visited with a friend. Chiropractic has become a part of our life —a part that is integral to our being able to enjoy all the other aspects of our busy lives. Since I’ve been having my spine checked and adjusted, I realized that I’d been running through my life with less than a 'full tank of gas'. I’m grateful to have discovered this for myself and for my children."
- Rachel C.

"I carry a book with me everywhere I go in the expectation that at some point I will have to wait. This is a wasted effort at Dr. Mark's office. His office is run so efficiently that I never have time to open the book!" - Lisa D.

"My experiences with Dr. Mark Ohlstein have had a completely positive influence on my life and my weightlifting career.  Visiting Dr. Mark's office is a positive, uplifting part of my day.  I feel the friendship I have created with him will last a lifetime."  - Joe F. Resident Athlete-Moorestown Community Olympic Development Program for Weightlifting

"I feel so much better having started and continued to see a chiropractor every week.  When someone asks us why we go, we both say it is to continue to feel better.  Neither one of us could ever do without the few minutes spent getting our adjustments.  Ernie in particular has a history of neck problems due to an auto accident and he sees the difference chiropractic has made in his daily life.  We constantly recommend using a chiropractor to just about anyone who will listen.  Unfortunately, today’s society frowns against thinking outside the medical profession’s usual box.  We can’t imagine life without Dr. Mark and his office.  We hope we never have to!!  We never feel like just a “patient” or “number” in the office.  We are truly treated like friends and the concern and interest shown is overwhelming." - M. & E.; 15 & 17 years

"There is truly something much bigger at work here. Dr. Mark Ohlstein has been given a gift and he simply couldn't make it any easier to receive it." - Bev B.

"Ohlstein Family Chiropractic is the first chiropractic office I ever went to. The basic chiropractic adjustments I receive two or three times a week have helped improve the quality of my life.  Dr. Mark helps fix my subluxations by gently using his hands on my spine and neck.  His nice and friendly demeanor makes him very well liked...and his laid-back business style makes visiting his office easy and convenient, like no other Chiropractor.  Additionally, Dr. Mark is affordable, and I am convinced I would be way worse off if I didn't frequent his office like I do!" - A. Ruth

"Thanks so much for all the help you have been giving our team!  I hear only great things about your work." - Leo Totten, President & Senior US International Coach US Olympic weightlifting team.