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Our per-visit fee is $30. 

For those who decide to stay on and enjoy ongoing life-enhancing benefits of regular chiropractic visits, we offer an old-fashioned approach to fees that, honestly, makes this affordable to everyone.

We think you'll really want to hear about it.

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I believe that regular chiropractic visits should be available to all people to help them to be their best.

To make regular chiropractic available to everyone, our office offers a unique Honor Fee System for the payment for my services. This fee system reflects the belief that no one can place a dollar value on your life and health.

Under our Honor Fee System, folks are given the opportunity to establish their own fee and to pay within their means. Yes, you read that correctly! Simply stated, folks pay according to their means.  Using this system, cost is no longer a barrier to regular chiropractic care.

To be clear, this is NOT a charity, and what you pay is NOT a donation. I am providing a service and I expect compensation.

The Rules
This particular fee system is a privilege I offer to the members of my practice. To participate in this fee system, you are required to follow these rules:

1. You must come regularly, at least one time per week. (You may come more often, but at least once per week.*)  Everyday stresses cause vertebral subluxations at least on a weekly basis, so coming in regularly and with weekly frequency makes good sense. Additionally, most of the time you are subluxated, you can't feel or don't know that you are. So, checking frequently also makes good sense.

If you choose to not come in regularly, you will pay a set fee.

*We can discuss exceptions for vacations, job, and personal situations/emergencies that do not allow you to make it in regularly. 

2. Your payment is due each visit, week, or once a month*. Let me know how you choose to pay (per visit, weekly, monthly), and I will expect your payment at that time.

*If you are unable to pay on time due to extenuating circumstances, please discuss this with me so we can figure it out together.

3. Tell others about chiropractic and refer them to our office. This is a cooperative system that depends on having a sufficient volume of people participating in order for it to succeed. Anyone that is breathing and has a spine may be subluxated. When you share what you know about chiropractic with others, and refer them to our office, you may not only be saving their life, but you will also be helping to make sure I can continue to offer this system for you!

Failure to follow the rules of this system will cause the loss of this privilege; you will continue care at a per-visit fee. You may be allowed to use the Honor Fee System again once you begin coming in weekly again.

How do I determine my fee?

You determine your fee or your family fee based upon your financial situation. I expect that you will give the MOST your budget allows; no more, no less. There is no upper or lower limit. I provide a valuable, life-giving service: it is priceless. I cannot measure its worth, so I establish my fees on your ability to pay. If your financial situation changes for the worse or for the better, I expect that you will adjust your fee accordingly.

It is only possible for me to offer this exceptional fee system with your help. I depend upon you to take advantage of the opportunity to come in as often as possible so you can be as healthy as possible, and to tell everyone they know about chiropractic and the importance of regular care. That way, I can continue to provide this service to folks in a way that is affordable for everyone: A win-win situation if ever there was one!

Our Fee System